This calculator is designed to assist families in assessing the amount of life insurance needed to cover the cost of living in the event of the death of the breadwinner. The level of cover should include normal living expenses incurred to maintain the same standard of living, school and university fees, holidays and any other known expenses likely to be incurred. Cover would normally run until dependent children leave full time education.

This assumes an inflation rate of 2% for the cost of living. This illustration does not include any financial liabilities such as mortgages or loans. If there is no current life insurance coverage on these liabilities then these should be added on to the level of protection.

If you wish to find out the cost of life insurance for this level of protection please contact your financial adviser.

Disclaimer – Calculators

The information contained within this calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is a guide to approximate values and should not be relied upon. You should seek advice from your financial adviser who can furnish you with a more accurate quotation. The company accepts no liability for the accuracy and appropriateness of the information which was derived from a trusted source using accepted methods of calculation.