You could be missing out on improved performance and substantial savings

For many British expatriates (or those nationalities that have worked in the UK) the mere thought of managing their UK pensions fills them with dread, fear or boredom or a combination of all three!

We are all constantly looking for ways to make more money and people spend hours, days, months and even years scouring the markets for opportunities, however, few people think to maximize their existing assets, in particular their UK pensions.

If you have lived and worked in the UK at any point of your working life – you and/or your employees were probably paying into a pension scheme. When you leave the UK, this pension does not need to simply stagnate. Most existing plans are very limited in investment options potentially damaging opportunity for returns, this is why IFS offers a specialized service to help you make the most of your existing pension plans and provide a more secure financial future for you and your family.

Why review / move your UK pension?

A review or a move of your pension can result in a range of benefits for you and your family including:

    • Consolidation of your portfolio and easier management
    • Potentially save your family 55% death tax – based on the current rate
    • Increased benefits to your family on death
    • The freedom of selecting your investment options
    • Your pension could be earning more and saving you and your family money.

We assist individuals ranging from experienced investors through to total novices. Our process is very detailed and thorough, although the results are presented in a simple format and the entire process is without obligation.