Trust and Asset Planning

Irrespective of your goals early planning is essential. Implementing an overall wealth management strategy at an early stage is a vital factor in whether your dreams are realised.

Once perceived as the domain of the very wealthy, trusts have become a key element of inheritance planning for any individual with a significant estate; and can play an important role in minimising tax liabilities and protecting assets.

Trusts provide a mechanism for transferring the ownership of your assets. Once properly formed a trust is managed by trustees, who distribute the proceeds of the trust to the beneficiaries in accordance with whatever instructions you have enshrined in the trust. Trusts are also much more straightforward to establish than many people perceive. Basically a trust is a written letter of wishes that the asset, which forms the trust, is set aside from a settlor’s estate to be managed to achieve a specific purpose, usually to the benefit of a beneficiary at some time in the future.

Most commonly trusts are used as asset protection vehicles and can be especially useful for someone who is in business and wants to protect the families’ assets from creditors or used to protect money set aside for a particular need in the future such as school fees or passing assets to the next generation.

Using a trust arrangement can be equally as effective as using an offshore corporation to mitigate tax liabilities.

More than ever, with the increasing values of property and governments trying to increase revenues wherever possible than it has become more important to look towards planning long term financial planning and use these types of arrangements to protect your family and your assets.

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